$2 Billion is thrown in the trash...
each year!

binEvery year, small amounts left on used gift cards are thrown away in the trash totaling over $2 Billion. Likestyle has partnered with Plastic Pennies on a mission to collect at least 1 million used gift cards to benefit charities and the environment.

The small amounts on each card generate revenue and goods for charities and causes in each community. The used cards are then recycled, doing our part to prevent over 75 million pounds of PVC from entering the landfills from plastic cards each year.

We believe in the power of the connected community.

You can nominate the cause your most passionate about to benefit from this effort. Using our simple online form, you can share their mission with us. We'll work to bring awareness and support through this program to their organization.

Likestyle provides mobile services to allow you to use your smartphone to track donation progress, learn more about each organization and nominate community charities and causes.

Plastic Pennies is an official mobile fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Pennsylvania.

at plasticpennies.com


Likestyle is a registered trademark of Likestyle Inc. Plastic Pennies is a division of Consumers with a Cause, a non-profit corporation.